Hi, I am Rick Lendvoy, pastor of the Lake City Baptist Church. I am very excited about the opportunity that God has for my family and I in the City of Williams Lake. What a blessing to see this time come. Williams Lake is very close to home for me personally. I grew up in the West Chilcotin, in the community of Anahim Lake, and graduated from Columneetza in 1984.
As a young man, I moved to the city of Kelowna where I met my wife Bev. We were blessed with our first child, a daughter we named Tamara. Since we have been in Williams Lake the Lord blessed us again with answered prayer, a son we named Colton.

My upbringing was like that of many people today, with little or no religion, and really no interest in it. After being challenged to read the Scriptures, I began to investigate the Bible for myself. On April 30, 1995, I came to realize what my standing was in front of the God of the Bible and made a choice to accept Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Saviour.
Since that time, my family and I have been training and preparing to begin a ministry that reaches the people in the area that I call home with the gospel of Jesus Christ. My life was changed forever, and I hope we can share that life changing message of hope with you.